PVC Air Strip Door Curtain

PVC Plastic Strip Curtain for Factory, AC Room, Warehouse doors, Freezer Room Door Strip Curtains Kit Stainless steel 380 grade Hanging channel - watercolors like Glass high transparency online/ Physical outlets at Vertical blinds Bangladesh with ✓ Free s

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PVC Strip Door Curtain 

If you are looking for a better way to keep your property safe, then PVC Strip Door Curtains might be the solution. These curtains can help protect against intruders and allow you to maintain privacy in any situation. However, it is essential to do your research before buying PVC Strip Door Curtain to make an educated purchase decision. This post will talk about some of the best PVC strip door curtains on the market today!

 What is the PVC strip door curtain?

 The PVC strip curtain is a lightweight easy to install solution mainly used for cold rooms or factories. For example, suppose you are entering a cold room; when you open an ordinary door, then the door will release all air from the room. But if you use PVC air strip door curtains, PVC air strip door curtains will hold all air. In addition, your room or factory temperature will be the same as before.


These PVC strip door curtains come in various sizes, so it's essential to measure the entryway you are trying to protect. The curtain comes with metal hooks that can be screwed into place at any height and angle, allowing it to be installed just about anywhere. It has an adhesive on one side, so installation is easy as well!


 What materials does this PVC strip door curtain use?

 The PVC Strip Door Curtain uses flexible vinyl plastics, which make them lightweight and durable. It also includes stainless steel hardware such as screws and anchors that help assure its stability in all weather conditions (such as high winds). No need to worry about rusting or corrosion like other metals would do over time! This material is UV resistant and doesn't fade in the sunlight.


 How durable is this PVC strip door curtain?

 This PVC Strip Door Curtain is very durable and withstands weather conditions with ease. PVC Strip Door Curtain can easily install it over existing doors, entrances, balconies, or windows without damaging it as other curtains would do! The material itself will not tear if you try to pull on it, which means there are fewer chances of someone tripping off a broken piece of vinyl that's been ripped apart. In addition, installation can be done quickly by anyone, so no need for an expert installer is required either! Plus, these PVC strips come at different lengths and widths, so they fit your needs perfectly!


 What colors does this PVC strip door curtain come in?


 These PVC strips have various colors red, yellow, white, and more.

Do these PVC strips have enough length to cover the whole door?


 Yes, they do! These PVC Strip Door Curtains are longer than you may need, which means that even if your doors are small or narrow-framed, then they can still fit. It's also possible to cut them down with a razor blade for any size of the entrance. So, no worries there :)


 How does this PVC strip door curtain attach itself?

 This PVC Strip Door Curtain attaches by simply sliding up on top of an existing upper track - either vertically or horizontally, depending on what kind of movement is desired from the curtains themselves. There is nothing else needed for installation; you need to position it and slide the PVC strip door curtain onto your upper track.


 The installation is effortless - so if you're looking for quick, efficient curtains, then this might be a good option for you!


 Overall, these PVC Strip Door Curtains are very durable and robust. They will last many years with proper use in any environment (including hot or cold), and they won't fade like some other kinds of fabrics can do over time. These also have the advantage that they are clear, which means there's no worry about color matching because most people prefer having their doors covered by something transparent instead of seeing all those different shapes through them.


 Features of plastic curtains?


 - Doesn't require any installation tools or hardware - slide up onto the upper track

 - PVC material is waterproof and water-resistant so that it won't stain, warp, crack or rot as quickly. It also has a UV inhibitor that protects against fading in sunlight, which means you'll still be able to see through them even after years of use!


 - These curtains are transparent and durable, making sure they last for many years with proper care and maintenance. They have no color, which can help match if not having your door covered by something transparent might bother some people instead seeing all those different shapes on their doors


 - PVC Strip Door Curtains are relatively affordable considering how sturdy these are despite being made out of plastic materials".

Best usage of PVC Strip Curtain?


 - PVC Strip Curtain should use in server maintenance rooms or garments factory or other factories that need airtight space.

 - If your door has a lot of light coming through the cracks, it might not make sense to use this type of curtain as you won't be able to see through it.

- This can also work well with darker rooms since these curtains are clear. 


 Plastic Air Strip Door Curtain price in bd?


 - PVC air Strip Curtain can be bought in various lengths, in vertical blinds, bd we sell PVC air Strip Curtain as much as you want, or your company needs. 

 - Depending on the length you need and how many strips are used per square foot, in our shop, you will find between 210BDT to 340BDT per square feet.

Benefits of using soft plastic strip door curtain


  • PVC Strip Door Curtains are easy to install and maintain
  • They offer privacy without blocking natural light from coming in, whereas some other curtains can create more darkness than necessary inside the room if placed incorrectly.
  • They provide an airtight enclosure that is essential for your server maintenance room or any workspace.
  • PVC is a durable material that will last for years with minimal upkeep required besides being cleaned occasionally.
  • Lastly, at our shop, we make sure that all of our products come with a warranty, so you never have to worry about breaking or tearing while using them!
  • Privacy Without Blocking Natural Light & Durable Material That Lasts For Years With Minimal Upkeep Required Besides Being Cleaned Occasionally + Warranty Offer On All Products From Our shop So You Never Have To Worry About Any Breaking Or Tearing


PVC Plastic Strip Curtain for Factory, AC Room, Warehouse doors, Freezer Room Door Strip Curtains Kit Stainless steel 380-grade Hanging channel - watercolors like Glass high transparency online/ Physical outlets at Vertical blinds Bangladesh with ✓ Free sample Choose from a variety ✓ Free Delivery & install ✓ 100% Genuine Product ✓ Fastest Delivery all over Bangladesh

  • PVC strip curtains from Steel Guard Safety offer energy savings as well as temperature barriers in industrial, commercial and foodservice industries. A highly versatile product line, vinyl PVC strip doors can be used to block noise, wind, dust, cold, odor, fumes, and even insects.
  • Most importantly, using these clear curtain walls will drastically drop your energy bills, and they are available in a variety of widths, thicknesses, and sizes to meet your facility’s individual requirements.
  • Because of the high-quality material that we use in the construction of our pvc plastic strip doors, you will see the difference in the flexibility, clarity, and lack of “curling” over time with heavy use.
  • Anti Insect Yellow Ribbed 8 inches Slats Clear PVC 




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