Vertical Blinds 3.5 inch

Choose from textured Fabric vertical blinds slats পর্দা , smooth Fabric or synthetic and PVC highly decorative window covering mirrored verticals blinds.. Curtains Vertical blinds with all Assessors charge for whole design along with per square feet,, c

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White Color Window Vertical blinds in bd
Code: DAF - 01
Per Sqft Price: 80
Blinds & Window Treatments
Code: 2027
Per Sqft Price: 65
Window Coverings Blinds
Code: DAF 215
Per Sqft Price: 65
Stylish Blinds | Window Shades
Code: DAF 223
Per Sqft Price: 65
Vertical Blinds - Vertical Window Blinds
Code: DAF 234
Per Sqft Price: 65
Vertical Blinds - Window Blinds
Code: DAF 234
Per Sqft Price: 65
Valencia Simplicity Lily white
Code: D 77100
Per Sqft Price: 60
vertical Blinds D2
Code: 152
Per Sqft Price: 65
Vertical blinds bd dhaka
Code: 77153
Per Sqft Price: 65
Vertical blinds images
Code: 77150
Per Sqft Price: 65
Alicante Marble Black Vertical Blinds
Code: 2003-1
Per Sqft Price: 65
Micro and blue vertical blinds
Code: 2005
Per Sqft Price: 65
Jubilee Clotted Cream Vertical Blind
Code: 2004
Per Sqft Price: 65
Vertical blinds 7503
Code: 77503
Per Sqft Price: 65
off white pati pati Curtain Blinds
Code: 77500
Per Sqft Price: 65
Grey color pati pati Vertical blinds 7501
Code: 77501
Per Sqft Price: 65
blue color vertical blinds covering
Code: 20 serial
Per Sqft Price: 65
Pest color vertical blinds
Code: 7303
Per Sqft Price: 65
Golden Color Vertical blinds 77304
Code: 77304
Per Sqft Price: 65
banglalink shades vertical blinds pink color
Code: 77254
Per Sqft Price: 65
Vertical blinds Multi colors
Code: multi colours
Per Sqft Price: 70

Vertical blinds -Standard

Vertical Blinds are the best choice to ensure the privacy of your living room, office chamber, or at anywhere you use. It allows you to control light and air flow in the easiest way. Our huge collection of traditional and modern Vertical Blinds provides y

Light golden colour - Curtains Window Covering
Code: Daf -225
Per Sqft Price: 80
Off-White Color Vertical blinds curtains in bd.
Code: DAF 02
Per Sqft Price: 90
Window Curtain Ideas.
Code: DAF- 11
Per Sqft Price: 90
Blinds & Curtains in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Code: DAF-14
Per Sqft Price: 90
Latest Vertical blinds curtain design in Bangladesh
Code: DAF 09
Per Sqft Price: 90
White Color Window Vertical blinds in bd
Code: DAF 01
Per Sqft Price: 90
Vertical Blinds for Office, Supplier in BD
Code: DAF- 15
Per Sqft Price: 90
Vertical blinds fabric Curtain for home depot
Code: DAF 06
Per Sqft Price: 90
New design Window blinds and curtains 2019
Code: DAF 10
Per Sqft Price: 90
Light purple color - china Vertical blinds
Code: Daf -21
Per Sqft Price: 90
office Designed with window blinds Vertical
Code: DAF 20
Per Sqft Price: 90
Window Curtain vertical blinds for window cover
Code: DAF 07
Per Sqft Price: 90
Window Vertical blinds 26
Code: DAF 04
Per Sqft Price: 90
Window Blinds Treatments Curtains Price
Code: DAF 17
Per Sqft Price: 90
Stylish Window Curtain Design Ideas
Code: DAF 16
Per Sqft Price: 90

Vertical Blinds in Bangladesh

  1. Are you looking forward to buying Vertical Blinds to decorate your sweet home?
  2. Are you confused with a number of available options and the variety of colors & patterns? 
  3. Can’t decide which one to buy out of all available options?

We assure you that you have landed to the right place! We know what it takes to find out the best matched one out of hundreds of available choices to go ahead. No matter, whether you are going to buy Vertical Blindsfor the first time or have purchased before, we hope this guideline will help you to a great extent to find out the best Vertical Blindsto decorate your sweet home.

What is Vertical Blinds?

Vertical Blinds are usually one type of window covering. It is one of the most notable home décor elements that add a finishing look. There are several kinds of blinds featured with a great variety of user control system. Vertical Blinds in one of the most popular blinds used in corporate offices, luxury apartments, and so on. In general, PVC, EPVC, Metal, Wood, Faux Wood, S-curved slats etc. are used to construct Vertical Blinds.

Vertical Blinds are designed in such a way that it collects almost no dust. Again, vertical blinds are comparatively easy and fast to operate. And therefore a number of people have been showing interest in decorating their doors and windows with vertical blinds, especially those with side to side slides.

Why Should You Go For Vertical Blinds?

Blinds are usually used to controlling light as well as providing privacy. It also helps to regulate the temperature inside your home. Apart from these, blinds are also used to adding a generous design that can soothe as well as amaze the guests.

You can also use blinds to draw lines and separate space in a room. It saves space, time, and costing as well. To us, what is most notable regarding vertical blinds is- it creates a fresh, clean, and modern environment in your home and office.

Features of Vertical Blinds:

Vertical Blinds are a great interior décor element that can easily enhance the beauty of your sweet home as well as office and provide you with a fresh and clean environment. You can also use some vertical blinds in your kitchen as well. Now, let’s have a look at the key features of our Vertical Blinds in the following:

  • Easy to set up, clean, and maintain
  • Safe and secured to use even for children
  • Made of quality grade raw materials
  • Available in multiple colors to match the interior
  • Lasts for years that saves your hard earned money
  • Affordable and Pocket-friendly pricing


Now, let’s have a look at some of our most popular Vertical Blinds in the following:



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