Bamboo Chick Curtain

বাঁশের চিকের পর্দায় সাজবে ঘর | Bamboo Chick Curtain are stylish & energy-efficient window Curtain. They can be customized size to your desired length, width, & Colors. ঘরের সৌন্দর্য বাড়াতে এবং ঘর শীতল রাখতে ব্যবহার হয়, নতুন ডিজাইনের বাঁশের চিকের পর্দা

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Code: Design 3
Per Sqft Price: 140
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Bamboo Blinds | Bamboo Chick Curtain
Code: Basic
Per Sqft Price: 100
Cross Thread Design Bamboo Chick Curtains shades window blinds
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Per Sqft Price: 130
Design Bamboo Chick Curtain Cross Thread with back side Fabrics
Code: Cross Design back side Fabrics
Per Sqft Price: 140

Bamboo Chick Curtains | বাঁশের চিকের পর্দা Bamboo blinds.

Bamboo Chick Curtains are stylish and energy-efficient window treatments. They can be customized to your desired length, width, and color! In addition, bamboo is one of the most renewable resources on Earth. Unlike cotton Fabrics or polyester curtains that emit toxic gases when they are made, bamboo absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and releases oxygen back into it! Bamboo curtains also have a low water footprint because they are 100% biodegradable. So if you're looking for an eco-friendly way to keep your home cool in the summertime - these window treatments should be at the top of your list!

Window bamboo blinds are also a good option for homes that are decorated with natural wood. Bamboo is naturally an off-white color, so it will beautifully complement the natural tones of your home!

Bamboo Chick Curtains for your Balcony

If you're looking for an eco-friendly way to keep your balcony cool, bamboo curtains should be at the top of your list! Bamboo is naturally off-white, so it will beautifully complement the natural tones of your home or office space. In addition, our bamboo chick curtains come in all shapes and sizes - perfect for any space!

Homes that have wooden accents can also benefit from having some bamboo around them. With its natural white coloring, bamboo blends perfectly with wood decorating schemes while protecting against UV rays that cause damage, such as discoloration (especially on floors!)

Bamboo Chick Curtains for Your Home or Office

If you're looking to cool your home without using air conditioning - bamboo clothing is the perfect solution! It's not just a beautiful decoration, but it will also help keep your temperature down. Bamboo curtains are great because they can be used in any room and provide an easy way to create privacy while still allowing natural light into space. Some people like adding additional privacy by lining their windows with fabric as well so that if someone looks through them from outside, they won't see inside the house. You could even combine this technique with bamboo chick blinds for maximum effect!

Cane window blinds curtain bamboo. Bamboo curtains are a great way to add an eco-friendly touch to your home or office, and they'll keep you cool without using any electricity! These types of natural fabrics will also make the room feel more spacious by drawing the eye away from walls and other architectural features that can create cramped spaces.

bamboo chick curtain features

- Eco friendly and energy-efficient

- Bamboo is a natural fabric that will keep you cool without using any electricity!

- Removes the eye from walls, creating space

Bamboo Chick Curtains are also great for homeowners who want to make their homes more eco-friendly. These curtains act as insulation against drafts because bamboo blocks out heat but still lets in light. They're also suitable for people living in areas with cold winters since they offer protection against harsh weather while preserving natural warmth inside. Plus, if you live close to trees or have pets like cats or dogs, these types of window treatments can help control allergens by trapping them inside your home instead of letting them linger outside!

If you need privacy, choose Bamboo Chick curtains with a sheer fabric.

Bamboo Chick Curtains come in many different styles and colors, so you're sure to find one that will work for your space!

A bamboo curtain rod can be screwed into the side of your house, which is less likely to deflect or break than metal ones. If you have kids who are prone to pulling on curtains, choose this type because it's sturdier and won't fall as quickly when pulled.

You'll know Bamboo Chick curtains are perfect for your home when they bring warmth, cleanliness, style, and eco-friendliness all together!

cane chick curtain materials

Bamboo Chick Curtains are made up of various materials, including 100% bamboo, cotton, polyester, and linen.

Bamboo Chick Curtain Styles

There are many different styles available for Bamboo Chick curtains, so it's easy to find one that suits your space perfectly. All types can benefit from being paired with some Bamboo Chick curtains, from sheer or semi-sheer fabrics to blackout versions.

Bamboo Chick Curtain Care and Maintenance

The best way to care for any bamboo curtains is by simply washing them in cold water with a mild soap or detergent that doesn't contain bleach. Hang dry it outside if possible, but don't put anything on the fabric while drying. Bamboo will often shrink when washed, so be sure not to wash too hot of a temperature, or they won't look as nice!

Bamboo Curtains and Health Benefits

If you're interested in bamboo furniture because you want something more natural, then it might be worth considering bamboo curtains. Bamboo is a sustainable and renewable resource that doesn't require pesticides or fertilizers to grow, so there are fewer chemicals in the fabric than other fabrics like cotton.

Bamboo Curtains for All Types of Windows

One thing about bamboo curtain panels is that they're available in such a wide variety of styles! If you prefer something colorful or sheer to lighten up your space, take a look at our selection here at Bamboo Chick curtains. For those who want more privacy and blackout effects on their windows, we have solid colors and patterns as well.

For any window treatment job, large or small - from bay windows to long hallways - we've got all the perfect lengths so that you can customize your purchase to fit any given space!

We have a wide range of colors and size options so that you can find the perfect Bamboo Curtains for your home. From sheer, colorful designs in our 'Sunny' collection or more opaque solid-colored panels from our 'Cozy' range - we offer a wide variety suitable for every taste and decorating style.

Vertical Blinds BD provides the widest selection of bamboo window treatments available on the market today. We're proud to be Bangladesh's most trusted bamboo store with over 20 years of experience providing customers with high-quality products made entirely out of sustainable Bamboo materials.

bamboo chick curtain price in bd

In Vertical Blinds BD, you will find all types of bamboo chick curtains, start with 100 BDT per sq.ft to 140 BDT per sqft.

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