Venetian Blinds

Enjoy the natural air flow and the presence of natural light ensuring your privacy with our durable and longer lasting Aluminum Horizontal Venetian Blinds.

Perforated Venetian Blinds
Code: DE - light blue
Per Sqft Price: 170
Exclusive Grey Venetian Blinds
Code: EA 00-1
Per Sqft Price: 175
Black Gloss Venetian Blinds
Code: Black Color
Per Sqft Price: 175
Premium Fresh Mint Venetian Blinds
Code: N 502
Per Sqft Price: 175
Essence Fresh Venetian Blinds
Code: 00-6. NB-502
Per Sqft Price: 175
Bright White Venetian Blinds
Code: Bright White 101
Per Sqft Price: 165
Aluminium Venetian Blinds off-white Color
Code: EBL
Per Sqft Price: 165
Off white Color Venetians blinds
Code: off white
Per Sqft Price: 165
Dark Grey Venetian Blinds
Code: Grey -809
Per Sqft Price: 175
Silver Venetian Blinds | Horizontal Slats
Code: Silver Color
Per Sqft Price: 175
Sky Blue color Venetian Blinds
Code: Dh 400
Per Sqft Price: 175
Horizontal blinds - Yellow color Blinds
Code: Yellow
Per Sqft Price: 190
Red Color Venetian Blinds
Code: Red Venetian
Per Sqft Price: 190

Premium Venetian Blinds

If you are looking for something sturdier, Aluminum blinds are indeed the best choice for your home or office decoration. Aluminum blinds are widely used for their awesome functionality and thus provide the best return on your investment in home décor.

Honeycomb Blinds Window Shade | New Design
Code: white
Per Sqft Price: 350
Gold color Venetian Blinds
Code: Golden
Per Sqft Price: 160
Apple Green Venetian Blinds
Code: E- 15
Per Sqft Price: 175
Aluminium Venetian Blinds off-white Color
Code: EBL
Per Sqft Price: 165
Exclusive Grey Venetian Blinds.
Code: EA- 001
Per Sqft Price: 180
Wood color Venetian Blinds in bd. কাঠ কালার
Code: wooden color
Per Sqft Price: 190

Horizontal Aluminum Venetian Blinds

Among the great variety of window blinds, Horizontal Aluminum Venetian Blinds is one of the most popular one that you can go with. To decorate your home, office, or work place in a modern and classy way, Venetian blinds can be the right choice to go ahead. Wondering why? Venetian blinds provide you with the opportunity to control the presence of natural light comparatively easy. The width of aluminum blinds slats are generally 25 mm that is undoubtedly the perfect one for doors as well as patio windows. It can also offer you top level privacy at anytime you need by just closing all slats.

Why Should You Go for Horizontal Aluminum Venetian Blinds?

Along with the versatility in appearance, Horizontal Aluminum Venetian Blinds are comparatively easy to operate. At the same time, it ensures the maximum level of privacy in your home, office, work place, or wherever you install. The wands and cords of Horizontal Aluminum Venetian Blinds are very simple to use and you can control the presence of light as well as privacy so easily. With a great variety of colors and finishes from our large collection of aluminum venetian blinds, you can easily find the best matched one and décor the interior as you dream!

Here are a few things that you might like to know about venetian blinds before proceeding further.

  • Most of the people like to install venetian blinds for its perfect and easy fitting system.
  • Requires no drilling during installation and can be easily installed inside PVC frame.
  • Venetian blinds move with the movement of door or window.
  • Venetian blinds are regarded as the most tidy window fashion blinds.
  • Do not flap even in moderate wind.
  • Improved safety features that ensures child safety.
  • Comparatively reasonable and pocket friendly price.

Available Varieties:

Standard Aluminum Horizontal Venetian Blinds

Premium Aluminum Horizontal Venetian Blinds

Standard Quality Aluminum Slats


At the end, we hope you have gone through the lines and come to know about Horizontal Aluminum Venetian Blinds and its benefits in brief. Now, it’s up to you to proceed further and decorate your sweet home, office, work place with our best quality venetian blinds. Here are a few samples from our large collection so you can have a glance before you proceed.



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