Zebra Roller blinds

Zebra Roller Blinds curtain Latest designs for window Curtains
Code: DHR 1200
Per Sqft Price: 180
Zebra Sheer Rolling blinds
Code: WBZ 553
Per Sqft Price: 160
Zebra Blinds sheer
Code: KdB
Per Sqft Price: 155
Combi zebra Blinds
Code: WBZ 602
Per Sqft Price: 170
Palm, Sorbet - Day Night Blinds
Code: wbz564
Per Sqft Price: 155
Zebra Roller blinds
Code: D-HR-1802
Per Sqft Price: 165
Window Zebra Blinds
Code: WBZ 502
Per Sqft Price: 170
Zebra Roller blinds Green
Code: WBZ-554
Per Sqft Price: 155

Zebra double roller blinds price in bd

Today in this article we will review all kind of Zebra double roller blinds. Why should you use zebra roller blinds? What actually roller blind is? Best usage of Zebra double roller blinds. Zebra double roller price in bd, features, comparison between two types, and more.

Have you decided to buy zebra double roller blinds for your window? Do you want to decorate your room more cinematic? Stay tuned and read our full article.

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Zebra double roller blinds are also called Zebra Venetian blind, it is one of the most popular window coverings in the world. It can easily block sunlight and protect your privacy. Nowadays, many people choose zebra type as their window's decoration because these types provide natural light into the room for those who need it to read or do tasks while others prefer total darkness when they sleep during daytime hours.

What actually roller blind is?

A Roller blind is like another kind of curtains that hangs on top of windows with rails and chains (and often weighted at the bottom) so you have a wide range of movement up and down. There are two different kinds: horizontal & vertical rollers which depend on how they go across windows.

Horizontal roller blinds will roll up from the left to right, vertical ones will go down from top to bottom.

It's really easy for you to make it work with your windows and blinds. You just need a few things: screwdriver (regular size), Philips’s head drill bit set or hex key wrench, long rod-like objects such as broomstick or PVC pipe of around 18 inches in length, some screws that are longer than 12 cm but less than 20 cm (~½ inch - ¾”). It usually takes about 15 minutes for one person to install roller blinds on their own window without any assistant.

Combi shades Rolling Blinds

This is the latest hr-like material that is often used in Zebra double roller blinds. This type of fabric provides better insulation, which means it will have less heat loss and more air conditioning gain than other materials.


There are many features for Zebra double roller blinds such as they can be installed on windows with sloping sills; these blinds can also be pulled up on either side or both sides to provide privacy from the outside world when needed. These Roller Blinds come with a cord lock system so you don't need any additional hardware to install them onto your window frame rails, meaning one less thing to worry about!

Double shades Zebra Roller Blinds curtains

two layers of fabric that are stitched together. These curtains can be hung in either a vertical or horizontal direction depending on your needs. They will block out all the sunlight and provide insulation from heat and cold when put up correctly to make sure that you don't lose any precious heat during wintertime!

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Window Zebra blinds Price in bd

The Zebra double roller blinds price starts at 175 BDT per sqft. You can calculate the price and size that you need.

Why should you use Zebra roller blinds and curtains?

There are many great reasons why someone should use Zebra double roller blinds and curtains in their home. One of the most important reasons is that Zebra double roller blinds are easy to clean! They can be taken down and washed without any trouble. Another useful feature when buying Zebra rollers about this kind of curtains is that they don't make much noise while being moved, so you won't have to worry about waking up your entire family every time a breeze blows through your window!

Korean Zebra blinds

This type of Zebra double roller blinds are the most common one that you will find on the market. They are made out of polyester fabric with a metal shaft and slats shaped like zig-zag stripes which are why they got their name, 'Zebra'. It has many names such as Combi blinds, Zebra Korean blinds, Korean Combi Blinds, and many more. Don't be confused these all are the same.

Day and Night Zebra Window Roller Blind

Maybe you have heard about these types of Zebra roller blinds before, but if not let us tell you a little bit. These are special double Zebra rollers that come with a light control feature which means they can be used during the day or night and vice versa! They also offer some privacy to your room as well because there is no overlap between the two colours so it doesn't provide any glimpse inside your home from outside. Day and Night Zebra Window Roller Blind are great when you need privacy or you live on the ground floor.


Day and Night Zebra Window Roller Blind are made up of two zebra rollers with a light control feature. This means they can be used day or night, as well as vice versa. They also offer some privacy to your room because there is no overlap between the two colours so it doesn't provide any glimpse inside your home from outside.

Day and Night Zebra Window Roller Blind price in Bangladesh.

Wherever you are reading this article, this article belongs to VerticalBloindBD.com. So, on our site, you can calculate sqft. Day and Night Zebra Window Roller Blind per sqft price is 180 BDT. Measure your window where you are willing to hang these roller blinds and buy from our website.


Day and Night Zebra Window Roller Blind are currently available in our online store. You can also buy Square Meter Day and Night Zebra Window Roller Blind set as a whole package.

Double shades curtains are also available in the same store.

Zebra double roller blinds or combi roller blinds or Korean combi blinds whatever you say those are also available at the cheapest price on our website.

Note before buying any Zebra double roller blinds

If you are looking for Zebra double roller blinds in Bangladesh then make sure that their size is suitable enough for your window. Learn from youtube or our instructions, how to hang these on your window.

Zebra / Combi Double Shade Roller Blinds Curtains

Are you looking for a versatile window treatment blind that can offer you full control over the presence of natural light and airflow inside the room? Then, Double Shade Blinds are simply the best choice for you to serve your privacy needs. Check out these Double Shade Roller Blinds available in multiple color variations and a wide range of patterns and textures.

Available Varieties:

Double Shades Zebra Fabrics

Combi Roller Blinds

Double Shades Roller Blinds

Zebra Shades

Choose the perfect balance between privacy and light at any moment of the day,  An endless chain allows you to slide, The high quality and lightweight sunscreen fabric is a unique and patented design. A diverse range of color options have been chosen to enhance your living space and reflect trends.



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