How to Install blinds

How to Install Window Blinds

Installing new window blinds by professionals is somewhat costly, isn’t? Though the process of installing new blinds is not that difficult, you are bound to spend some pretty good amount of money if you want the professionals to install your new window blinds. So, what about saving some bucks by installing your new window blinds yourself?

Surprised? It’s not really a big deal if you can follow our easy and step by step instructions presented below. So, let’s get started without wasting a single moment!

How to Install New Window Blinds?

If you are not unlike those messy people, we hope you marked the dimension of your windows while measuring to order blinds where you want the blinds to be installed. If you did mark the area, you are ready to go for the next step! If not, measure the area once again and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Marking the Mounting Area

When you have the blinds on your hand, place the blinds where you need it to be installed. Mark the mounting area with a pencil so you can determine where to place the brackets. For inside mount, you need to place the head rail just inside the window casing.

Step 2: Placing the Brackets

Now, what you need is to place the brackets inside the marks you did earlier with pencil. You will get two open sides on each brackets. Don’t forget to place the brackets door facing towards the inside of your room while the other open side will face the center of the window.

Step 3: Mark the Drilling Points

Now, you need to mark the points where you need to drill your pilot holes. You will find four holes in each brackets for drilling, but you need to drill just two of them. Make sure you have chosen diagonal holes and they are even. It’s surely make the brackets sturdier. For inside mount, you need to place the brackets against the inside top corner of your window.

Step 4: Drill for Screws

Now, it is time to drill holes for the screws. While drilling, make sure that you have made the holes a bit smaller than the screws. It will help to make the brackets placed more secured.


These are the primary things that you need to do before setting up the blinds in your new window. Now, let’s finalize the installation in the easiest way…

Snap the Valance Clips:

Valance clips are usually used to attach head rails to the valance. It also make the installation look smarter. Make sure that you have maintained the same distance between each valance clip.

Place the Head Rails into Brackets:

When you are done with snapping valance clips, place the head rails into the brackets. Make sure that you have opened the brackets door before you attempt to place the head rails. Now, snap the bracket doors closed and a snapping noise will confirm that you have placed them correctly.

Attach the Valance and Secure Blinds Wand:

This is the final step of installation. We hope you have followed the step by step instructions mentioned above. Now, press down the valance clips gently so it can snap into the valance. Make sure that you haven’t misplaced the valance clips while pressing.

Now, attach the blinds wand if your blinds are featured with wand and don’t come with pre-attachment. Attaching blinds wand is very easy. You just need to push the plastic sleeve of the hook up then insert the end of the wand into the hook, and finally slide the plastic sleeve back at the place. That’s all you need to do to install your new window blinds.

If you have any further query feel free to contact us. For any kind of assistance, don’t hesitate to let us know. It will be a pleasure if we can be of help to you.



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