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How to take Measurement For Curtains Blinds The Ultimate Step By Step Guide

Are you looking forward to buying window blinds for your sweet home? Don’t know how to measure window blinds? Don’t worry! We are here to guide you all the way to give your sweet home a fresh and classy look. No matter, whether you are looking forward to purchasing Vertical Blinds, Roller Blinds, Venetian Blinds or any other available one, we hope this step by step guide will help you to a great extent to measure any kind of blinds. So, what else are you waiting for, let’s get started without delay!

How to Measure Blinds for Your New Window?

Measuring window blinds is somewhat a tough task especially when you don’t have any prior experience. Some people have been facing the same situation that you might face if you can’t take the measurement correctly. Wondering what to do? No problem! We are here to help you by every possible means. You just need to follow our step by step guide presented below, and blinds measurement will be as easy as counting 123…

Now, let’s go to the point straight!

How to Measure Window Blinds:

For measuring Window Blinds for your new window correctly, you need to go through several steps. If you don’t have prior experience, you can follow our easy step by step guide below to measure your new window blinds without having much panic. First of all, you need to decide whether you are going to install blinds inside or outside the window frame, then follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Measure the width of your window from inside. Measure the width of your window exactly in 3 places: Top, Bottom, and Middle. It will be your ordering width. So, make sure you measured correctly.

Step 2:

Measure the height of your window exactly in 3 places: Left, Right, and Middle.

Step 3:

Take the shortest measurement of these three places.

Step 4:

When you are done with the steps above, you are ready to go for placing your order.

Note: Don’t forget to add around 6” on each side (Left, Right, Top, Bottom) to get the most attractive look. If you can’t afford that much, add minimum 3” to make it look standard. It also helps to control the density of the presence of natural light inside your room according to your need.
Note: All the measurements should be taken in "inches" then we’ll convert into square feet. Don’t forget to use a steel measuring tape. Cloth or Strap tapes tend to stretch and therefore you might not get the accurate measurement.


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