2mm PVC Sheet Strip Curtains
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Price Calculate the square feet of each slats ৳ 210
2mm PVC Sheet  Strip Curtains - 1565061461961.jpg
2mm PVC Sheet  Strip Curtains - 1565061461961.jpg
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304-grade stainless steel Hanging clump

304-grade stainless steel escrow nut, bolt. 


Clear Transparent PVC Strip Air Curtains

PVC Sheet Curtain A pvc strip curtain is a cost-effective barrier that can be used in any industrial workplace. PVC strip curtains help you save energy Ac room.

We are the Leading Suppliers and Retailer company in Bangladesh. We offer Transparent PVC Strip Curtains,  Cold Room PVC Strip Curtain blinds, Insect Amber PVC Strip Curtains, Insect Control PVC Strip Curtains,  Anti Insect PVC Strip Curtains, Cold Storage PVC Strip Curtains, , Industrial PVC Strip Curtains.


Our PVC Strip Curtains are the best solution to control the Dust, Insects, Heat and Noise in various type of industries.  Our Products also called Warehouse PVC Strip Curtains , Dust Control PVC Strip Curtains, Fume Control PVC Strip Curtains,  Birds Prevent PVC Strip Curtains, Factory Entrance PVC Strip Curtains, Soft Wall PVC Strip Curtains, Freezer Grade PVC Strip Curtains, Food Preparation Area PVC Strip Curtains.


PVC Sheet Material

PVC Curtain Hanging Systems

Ranging From Light To Heavy Duty.


PVC curtains Use benefits:

Dramatically reduces hot/cold air loss.

Quick removal for easy cleaning or storage

PVC strips available in a range of colours and widths

Effective in reducing dust and insect entry to premises

Can be configured as a simple sliding system

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